Sliver of Space

Just enough space to breathe a bit, to make some things and to think about the important things in life. Not someone else’s list of important, but my own. And, believing what Rumi said:

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.

I doubt I can post a photo of this work, but I’m sure I can post a link and you can see something I consider really beautiful in many ways. What do you think?


Poetry as Bread

Struggling with the daily writing practise, poetry class and getting lost in the forest, I came upon this oasis:

We have been taught that only poetry of extremely high quality is poetry at all; that poetry is a big deal, and you have to be a pro to write it, or, in fact, to read it. This is what keeps a few poets and many, many english departments alive.

That’s fine, but I was after something else: the poem not as fancy pastry but as bread; the poem not as masterpiece but as life-work.

-LeGuin, Dancing on the Edge of the World

This is it

 This is my book, such as it is. I tell people I am writing one. Then, I give some kind of disclaimer. I’m doing my best to put it out there in whatever state, as itself. If I’m honest there’s a lot of editing that goes into it before anyone else sees it. Therein lies the next life goal.