Studying to make up

For lost time

Running up

Against the same old

Same old rhymes.

Looping again.



And believe in




I’ve had school flashbacks, as I attempt to study art. And the flashbacks are not pleasant. This time, can I interpret those messages differently? Beg to differ? Or, better yet, understand that difficulty is the path to learning. I believe in Carol Dweck’s research on mindsets. I believe I can choose a growth mindset and become something I don’t think I can become just by hard work. If others don’t agree, it doesn’t really matter. It’s still a better way to live than disappearing into perfectionism. The teacher’s perspective is just one of many, many possibilities. It’s the student’s job to choose her path.

So, I gather my fortitude and begin again…

Focusing on some inspiring artists who clearly see the work before them and immerse themselves in it.

Ana Teresa Barboza

Hillary Waters Fayle

Olga Jazzy